About us

Since the 2014 Nadia dedicated most of her time creating spiritual mandalas with flower decors and animal signs, as well as the sacred geometry. Her original technique combined with the right lighting creates a very unique 3d effect. All her drawings are instant ideas and fantasies of the given moment in which she picks up the metallic pencil. Her inspiration comes from nature and every days events that transfer into Nadia’s feelings. By creating her art, Nadia focuses on a very positive energy and completely clear state of mind to put only the purest thoughts into her expressions.
In order to give her creations the divine touch, she dedicates a lot of her time to meditation. Her art is a message to the whole world that comes from the far east and the Masters of light and peace. It is supposed to bring harmony and balance to all those who look at it or come near it. Many of her pictures are individual messages for certain people who order her art and that’s why she never prepares or before draws any picture. She basically channels the message through her fingers straight on the canvas.

The only time Nadia uses the compass or ruler is by formation of the sacred geometry, which is very crucial for its precision and the final effect of the art. Nadia’s glass paintings were used in some major Hollywood productions as " Blade " with Wesley Snipes and the "League of Extraordinary Gentleman" with Sean Connery.

Her 30 years of experience in painting glass allowed Nadia to see everything in depth and her skilled eyes can see things in perfect mirror vision. That means she sees and draws both sides in a perfect geometry without using any tools, straight from her hand. In the past she also worked for some high profile designers as Donna Livingstone and others.

Nadia’s experience in the glass industry combined with her original technique and style opened doors to a new direction in the world of art.

She was born in Czechoslovakia. Studied and finished school as a professional Glass painter and decorator. She is currently living in the USA.